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About DesPriMa


We Provide The Tools That Grow Your Business.

A long time ago we were exclusively a marketing company. We advised business owners how to effectively grow their business using a number of different methods. We planned, designed, implemented, and acted as buyer agents to secure quality printing for our clients, but you could only do so much before putting your hard work in another business’s busy hands to actually print what you’ve spent precious time creating.

Many times those busy hands of other printers fumbled the ball and created low quality printed material from our high quality designs. When you have that happen to you a couple of times, you just know that you must bring the printing in-house and take control.

No more low quality printing, no more nonsense.

We now produce quality marketing material for clients nationwide from start to finish.

Whether you want to design your own material and have us print it for you, or have us design and print your marketing material completely, your project will be in good hands.

Customer satisfaction is what we thrive on. We’re happy, when we’ve impressed you with our work.