Strategic Marketing Programs

The age of personalization is here! What could be more effective than each one of your prospects or customers receiving a unique mail piece that was designed specifically for them?

With today’s highly customizable variable printing technology, we’re able to create mail pieces where almost everything is unique and focused on each individual recipient. Best of all is that this is done with no minimum quantities required!

Mail just 1 or 1 million pieces, no job is too small or too big for this type of printing and mailing.

Direct Mail
Target New Movers

New Movers Program

We target new movers in the areas you’d like to market to on a weekly basis. We could even customize the parameters of the new mover using several options. 

Want to target only those that moved from further than 5 miles away? We could do that! Single family homes only? We could do that too!

Direct Mail

New Businesses Program

Much like the new movers program, we could target the specific type of businesses you’re looking to acquire as clients using highly variable and unique mail pieces that would slice through the clutter of other marketing mail they’re receiving.

customer reacquisition programs

Customer Reacquisition Program

Ever wonder what happened to some of your customers who you haven’t seen in a while? Were they unsatisfied with their last purchase from you? Did one of your competitors steal them away with an alluring offer? Did they move to an adjacent town next to yours and are under the impression you don’t service that town? Recapturing customers who haven’t purchased from you for some time is easier than trying to convince new prospects who don’t know you to become new customers. Our personalized mail pieces could be used to send a targeted offer to past customers with deals and promotions their purchase history has shown they would be interested in. That’s a slam dunk if we’ve ever seen one!

Special Occasions

Event Focused Programs

Do you know when your customers birthday is? Or did a customer just purchase a higher end product or service from you? Or would you like to send your customers a mail piece exactly on the anniversary of when they became your client or customer? Or maybe you want to target people who purchased a steak dinner at a classy restaurant within the past month. That’s just scratching the surface of what event focused mail pieces could do for you when combined with highly customizable variable printing.

No Minimums  EVER!

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