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More Visibility In Your Community

Whether you want to reach the community around you with a marketing message and promotion or you want to target left handed single moms who have children between the ages of 2 & 4 with birthdays coming up in the next month, we have a solution for you!

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Every Door Direct Mail

You have the option of having us design and print your Every Door Direct Mail piece or selecting our Completely Done For You Service (We Design, Print, and Mail your EDDM marketing piece.)

Every Door Direct Mail is the best option for targeting the communities around your business. It offers one of the lowest postage rates given by the United States Postal Service as well as impressive deliverability times between 1-3 business days on average.

With Every Door Direct Mail, you have a number of sizes and format options available. This service is perfect for restaurants, dentists, barber shops, new retail and service businesses looking to grow quickly, pharmacies, dry cleaners, plumbers, contractors, electricians, landscapers, and more! If you’re looking to focus your marketing efforts on certain communities within a targeted area, this is the service you should be using.

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Targeted DIrect Mail

Need a More Targeted Approach? Try a targeted mailing. We acquire a mailing list of your ideal customers, design, print, address, sort, and mail your targeted mailing piece.

Your business may have marketing needs that are more specific than saturating a local community. Perhaps you’re looking to acquire affluent clients of certain net worth, or your ideal customer has a certain age or a specific interest. There’s data we can tap into to find your ideal customers and design marketing mail that they will feel an affinity towards.

This type of direct mail marketing is highly effective when you know the type of person you are looking to reach.

The cost to reach those ideal customers are typically higher than saturating a geographical area with a mailer, but it pays handsomely since you won’t need to mail as many pieces and can laser target who you reach, specifically those who need your goods or services the most.

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